Licensed - Bonded

Residential Lic:
C-37 090315

Commercial Lic:
L-77 090324

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& HydroJet Sewer Cleaning

McQueen Plumbing & HydroJet Sewer Cleaning is a major plumbing service contract provider for the commercial and residential industry. We provide services to the residential, retail, restaurant, and business sectors with commitment to quality, loyalty, and excellent service to achieve a high level of professionalism.

McQueen Plumbing will provide you and your company with the most skilled, trustworthy, dedicated employees. Our staff will extend their desire to comply with the needs of our clients. Our commitment is to assist with the fulfillment of your company standards and needs.

When you call us, your service call will be handled by our friendly staff who have been trained to serve your immediate needs and understand the importance of your call. All service calls are handled by a live operator, and dispatched to a supervisor for immediate call back. This insures that our clients will receive immediate assistance over the phone, and allows our staff to confirm the appoint.

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